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Inexpensive Garden Boxes - Variations on a Theme

Previously I authored a post describing how to build inexpensive garden boxes from fence palings. In it I mentioned that the basic design could be altered to create boxes of different shapes and sizes. With Spring well and truly underway our garden has been a hive of activity and I've been busy creating new beds to fit in various spots around our backyard.

The size and shape of the first of these boxes was dictated by the raw materials. In this case timber salvaged from an old pallet:


Not having to pay for the timber made these boxes very inexpensive indeed! Some short work with a wrecking bar and a drop saw resulted in a solid square garden box:

pallet box


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How to Build Inexpensive Garden Boxes From Fence Palings

Spring is almost upon us and all around Australia garden beds are being prepared for the coming season.

Garden boxes built from fence palings are inexpensive and easy to make. They also look great and best of all they will last for years.

watering boxes 1


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