A Paper Figure Stand Using OpenSCAD and 3D Printing

When a man has children he has bestowed upon him a lengthy catalogue of fatherly duties. One of the many roles on this list is that of "Toy Repairman".

I still remember taking broken toys to my Dad which he'd subsequently return to me repaired and ready once more for play. I even use a few of his techniques when repairing my own kids' toys.

So when my daughter broke the (admittedly rather flimsy) paper figure stand that came with a diorama set she was playing with...

Stand Original

...my first thought was to reach for the Araldite, knowing full well that the stand would likely end up back on my workbench after a day or two of enthusiastic play.

My second thought was...

Stand Printed 1

...why not solve this problem forever, both for myself and every other Dad/Toy Repairman in the world?

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Build Your Own Snowman Kits

With the 2016 school year drawing to a close my daughter and I were looking for something interesting and fun to give out to her classmates with their Christmas cards.

As further evidence of the fact that 3D Printing is Awesome I give you...

Snowman Complete

...the 3D-printed Build Your Own Snowman kit!

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Redmi Note 4 - First Impressions

I've always bought mobile phones outright and in 2013 Google made my choice easy when they introduced their much-lauded Nexus 5 - a powerful, fully-featured phone at a reasonable price. Sadly after 2 years the battery of my beloved Nexus started to give out and so the time came to source a replacement.

I would've likely bought another Nexus 5 but the model no longer receives Android updates. Google's latest offering is the Pixel which is lovely by all accounts but with a starting price of $1079 it was never in the running. I searched for an alternative but a good value option just didn't present itself. That was until I was scouring AliExpress during their annual Singles Day Sale and came across the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 for $229 including shipping to Australia.

Just over a week later it arrived direct from China:

Redmi Note 4 Unboxed

I've been using this phone for a few days and a couple of people have asked if it's any good... so far the answer is a resounding "Yes!".

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