Bike Helmets Decorated with Electroluminescent Wire

Back in October my daughter and I went along to the excellent EL Wire Wearables workshop hosted by our makerspace SparkCC.

Purple Helmet Unlit

We had a great time going through the process of first designing our creation and then making it a reality. The result was a helmet decorated with a very cute purple flower on top and a pair of purple eyes at the front.

It really came to life when we plugged in the battery pack and lit it up!

Purple Helmet Lit

Of course Miss J's little brother couldn't miss out. While I'd planned to also decorate his helmet at the workshop we ended up running out of time. So it ended up in the shed on my "todo" pile.

Eventually I found the time and inspiraton to put it together. Instead of the flower I gave him a circle with a raised "infinity" symbol in the middle.

Green Helmet Unlit

The little guy was particularly happy with the yellow and green colour combination.

Green Helmet Lit

I can highly recommend SparkCC's workshops if you're looking for an activity that's interesting, educational and a little different. Or if you can't wait for the next one just get your hands on some EL Wire and get to work on your own illuminated wearable creation!

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